Jared Anderson did not always see himself writing worship music. The career of one of the most distinct and celebrated voices in modern worship—with songs like “Glorified,” “Amazed” and “Rescue” widely sung in churches around the world—almost never happened.

“I grew up playing the piano in church and singing in youth meetings. But by the time I was in college, I saw my music going in a different direction,” says Anderson.

In fact, Jared considered distancing himself from worship music entirely, but always felt a pull to write something for the church. “God revealed to me, and it was a slow process, that worship isn’t just a genre of music,” he explains. “Worship songs are prayers. We’re reciting the word of God back to him, and pretty soon we’re not just reciting it or singing it, we’re living it.”

Jared now embraces his calling as a worship leader and songwriter. But he’s very honest about what that means for anyone in that role. “We’re in the foot washing business,” he says. “If you want to lead, you have to serve. And if you want to serve, you have to surrender. And if you surrender you’re going to have to die.”
These aren’t empty words. Dying to some of his dreams paved the way for God to do something bigger. It’s a narrow road, but it’s the path Jared has chosen to travel.

And that path has led him into an effective ministry. From his former work with the Desperation Band, to his role as a songwriter/leader for New Life Worship’s live CD/DVDs and his own recordings including Where To Begin, Where Faith Comes From and Live From My Church.

Whatever the setting – whether it’s a coffee shop, a church sanctuary or an amphitheater, Jared takes a simple song and turns it into a journey.

This fall, he’ll take listeners on a new journey with the release of The Narrow Road, his first “solo” worship album in over three years. The project features some of the common themes in Jared’s best work, while carving out new ground based on a favorite literary work.

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“One of the inspirations for the album is Pilgrim’s Progress,” Jared explains. Like John Bunyan’s allegorical masterpiece, this album, “tells the stories of trials… they shouldn’t define us. Instead, they prepare us for the destination.”

Pointing to the title song, Jared continues: “The enemy is the distracter …what he really wants is to kill our focus. He wants to destroy the unity between us and God. So walking ‘the narrow road’ isn’t an option for followers of Jesus. Matthew 7:13-14 tells us plainly that it’s a necessity.”

In addition to a host of new songs inspired by Jared’s own pilgrimage such as “According to His Word” and “Impossible Possible,” The Narrow Road also features two favorites, the worship anthem “Great I Am” and “I Am Free” featuring his former Desperation bandmates Glenn Packiam and Jon Egan.

“It was fun to work on a recording with Jon and Glenn again, even if it was just for one song. Including this version of ‘I Am Free’ was a chance to celebrate a song that’s been meaningful to us personally and to church congregations for years.”

In addition to recording The Narrow Road, Jared continues work on a series of inspirational albums that feature piano driven, folk-rock songs centering on everything from love to literature to life’s big questions. And he continues to serve as a worship team member at his home church, New Life, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while also making time to lead worship at churches and conferences around the country.
Amidst the pulls of ministry and creative pursuits, it is the love of his family that grounds Jared. Most recently, he and his wife Megan, along with their four children (Everet, Becket, Francie, and Lyla) decided to enlarge their already full family. After much prayer, the Andersons have begun the process of adopting two orphans, John Diego and Christine, from Haiti.

“We can’t wait until they’re home with us in Colorado,” says Jared. “God is doing something in our home and our family. We’re just trying to be obedient to him.”

All of these experiences add to Jared’s understanding that life is much larger than what happens in the church pews on a Sunday. “Sunday is just the rehearsal,” Jared says. “It’s during the rest of the week that we walk out our faith.”






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NEW**Our Father
When the King Comes
Bless the Lord
Just Give me Jesus
We belong to Jesus
Impossible Possible
All I Want
Beauty of the Lord
Call to Me
Counting on God
Everything to God
Fill Me Up
Finding You
Glory of God
God Be In My Head
Great I Am
Hiding Place
Hear Us from Heaven
Holy Praise
I’m Coming Your Way
Lift The Name
Messiah’s Song
More than Life
The Narrow Road
Never Be Shaken
Prepare the Way
Pleasing to You
Pouring it Out for You
Ready Now
The Whole Earth
This is Life
Walk on in the Grace of God
We Will Be Changed



Our Adoption Story

June 6th, 2012

Jared and I have always desired to have a large family.  Before I was even married I always said I wanted to have 4 children and adopt 2.  I am glad Jared was open to that plan!  After 8 years of marriage we were well on our way to fulfilling our dream, we had 4 beautiful children Everett, Beckett, and Francie, and Lyla.

In 2009 our family moved to Nashville, Tennessee for a year.  While we were there we met a family that had done a lot of work in Haiti and who was in the process of adopting a Haitian child.  The lady that babysat for us moved to Haiti to do missions work and just a few days after she started her work in the country the earthquake happened.  There was such a personal connection to the country of Haiti as we prayed for our friend and watched our neighbors bring home not one but two beautiful, vibrant little girls from a country that was devastated by the earthquake.

With the presence of two little Haitian girls now living in our small Nashville community, Jared, the kids and I learned Creole, watched as the girls experienced many firsts with their new life in America, and had our hearts pricked in a way that would change us forever.

We left Nashville and ventured back to Colorado Springs in the Spring of 2010.  We were so sad to leave behind so many of the great friends we had met while there.  That summer we were at the Desperation Conference and the speaker asked everyone to pray and ask God to put a dream in there heart.  Our four children lined the back row of the church.  After the prayer, I asked Everett, our then six year old, about the dream that God placed in his heart.  He looked at me and said, “mom we are supposed to adopt some kids from Haiti.”  My heart leapt when I heard this, but I wasn’t sure how that would ever unfold.

In the fall of 2011, after two very difficult miscarriages, Jared and I began to visit this idea of adoption.  As we prayed, we felt lead to explore Haiti.  In January of 2012 we were off to a country that we already loved, but had never experienced.  We had spent so much time praying for the people of this land.  Our hearts were moved beyond words and we left Haiti after five days knowing that the “conception of our next children” had begun.

This blog is our story of adoption.

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